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We know you know your diabetes back to front, inside out, but here's a few reminders about the products you've chosen for your next box.

Your doctor or Diabetes Educator will give you personalised information about when to test your blood glucose levels and targets to aim for.

As a general guide, Diabetes Australia recommends Type 1 Diabetics aim for:

  • 4-8mmol/L before meals
  • <10mmol/L two hours after meals

And recommends to check your blood glucose levels:

  • before breakfast (fasting)
  • before lunch or dinner
  • two hours after a meal
  • before bed
  • before driving or exercise

Remember to change your lancet daily and only use blood glucose testing strips once.

Insulin works best when it's injected into the fatty layer just beneath the skin and above the muscle. Diabetes Australia recommends insulin is injected in the abdomen - an easy place to insert your insulin pump set as well - or even your thigh or buttocks.

Remember to regularly monitor your pump, especially:

  • tubing for air bubbles (this could impact your insulin delivery)
  • insertion site for any problems including redness or itchiness (this could mean a site change is required to avoid infections or sores)

We also recommend always having a supply of in-date long-acting insulin and extra syringes/pens at home, in case of unexpected pump failure.

This wearable tech can be a lifesaver - after all, a finger prick won't give you the trend arrows monitoring whether your glucose levels are rising or falling. But the most common problem we hear from users is not getting the full wear out of their sensors.

Here's some of our top tips to get the most out of your sensors:

  • look for flat application spots, like the stomach, thigh or upper arm
  • ensure skin is free from hair before application
  • use adhesive patches or adhesive wipes for maximum strength
  • don't wet the sensor area for at least an hour post-application

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