We activate Australian diabetes patients from diagnosis, giving them equal access to clinicians and medications when they need it, no matter where they call home. In this patient-centric approach, we improve self-efficacy and long-term health while keeping patients out of hospital.

Diabete is complicated, but diabetes management doesn't need to be.

We make good management simple by combining automation, education and in-home care, from point of diagnosis and beyond.

Stripped Supply is Australia's first diabetes subscription box. We ensure you never run out of your life-saving medical supplies, by automatically delivering custom-order boxes directly to your door every 30 or 60 days.

We even help you master diabetes with our guided online learning hub Stripped Supply Learn, giving you the best clinician-backed, bite-sized resources at your fingertips, anytime day or night.

Never run out of medication again

Our set-and-forget subscription box automatically refills and delivers diabetes products to your door every 30 or 60 days.

Redefining the gold standard of healthcare

Our interactive education and central knowledge database allows all patients to access the same 'diabetes curriculum' through an online application, exactly when you need it.

Improving clinician attendance

43% of diabetes patients cancel their appointments. By tracking, managing and facilitating accessible and convenient ongoing diabetes care, we're reducing your risk of long-term complications and lightening the burden on primary healthcare and hospitals.

Meet Ashley, Stripped Supply Founder

I'm Ash, a Digital Content Creator-turned-Startup Founder, lover of the colour red and a big fan of yours.

My lived experience with diabetes might look a lil' different to yours, but one swipe ignited a passion for better healthcare.

Once upon a time, I went on a first date and learnt that the man who would eventually become my then-partner was living with type 1 diabetes. Over the course of the next 7 years, I saw up-close how exhausting, frustrating and overwhelming diabetes can be.

On a quest to support him however I could, and to take a little something off his plate, I founded Stripped Supply.

You see, I believe the responsibility of improving diabetes management shouldn't rest solely on the shoulders of those living with the chronic illness, but shared with those of us who want to see you living your best life too.

Meet Tamer, Dispensing Pharmacist

Tamer is a bonafide innovator in Australia's pharmacy space, partnering with digital health platforms like Stripped Supply to better the health of his fellow Australians.

Based in Sydney, Tamer manages multiple pharmacies in his local neighbourhood, treating each customer like family.

Never run out of supplies again