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Stripped Supply is Australia's first diabetes subscription box. We ensure people living with diabetes never run out of medical supplies, by automatically delivering custom-order boxes directly to their door.

Meet Ashley, Stripped Supply Founder

Hey, Ash here! I'm a Digital Content Creator-turned-Startup Founder, lover of the colour red and a big fan of yours.

I learned on our first date my partner Tristan had Type 1 Diabetes, but I didn't truly learn the challenges he lived with every day until years later when we moved in together and I saw him experience diabetes burnout.

On a quest to support him wherever I could, and to take a little something off his mental plate, I founded Stripped Supply.

You see, I believe the responsibility of improving diabetes management shouldn't rest solely on the shoulders of those living with the chronic illness, but shared with those of us who want to see you living your best life too.

Stripped Supply came to be in 2021, with a vision to make diabetes healthcare more accessible and to improve the health outcomes of Australian diabetics.

Meet Tamer, Dispensing Pharmacist

Tamer is a bonafide innovator in Australia's pharmacy space, jumping on board ePharmacy platforms like Stripped Supply to better the health of his fellow Australians.

Based in Sydney, Tamer manages multiple pharmacies in his local neighbourhood, treating each customer like family.

"We make diabetes management easier by lightening your mental load. The fact we've built an awesome community to be a part of is a fab by-product."
Ashley, Founder

Brittany McEvoy
Provisional Psychologist

Brittany is an EMDR therapist living with Type One Diabetes on the Gold Coast. Since being diagnosed at age 20, she has pledged to live ‘fear free’ from the highs and lows of diabetes - she's even run the New York City Marathon! Brittany is especially passionate about the connection between chronic illness and mental health. She looks forward to working with clients that are experiencing mental health struggles due to their diagnoses.

Neda Piri

Neda is dedicated to her profession and immerses herself in all aspects of podiatry and is also a qualified personal trainer. When Neda is not looking after your lower limbs she has a few other passions. She loves releasing endorphins and prioritising mental and physical health in various ways including: heavy weighted strength sessions, Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, High Intensity Interval Training, and just about any way other way of moving the body.

Nina Gelbke
Accredited Nutritionist

Nina is an accredited Nutritionist (BHScNutr) specialising in sports and performance nutrition, and eating disorders. Born in Switzerland and now living in Western Australia, Nina is a total foodie, attributing her passion for health and fitness to being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Nina is all about evidence-based, fad-free nutrition, highlighting the fact from fiction, and showing the world that true health is so much more than just kale smoothies and quinoa (thank goodness).

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